Utsava Spiritual Psychic Medium, Counseling in life matters

                                            -Free yourself from conditioning and mind control.
                                    -Learn about possibilities you never knew would be possible.
                             -Gain more clarity and a deeper understanding on the issues at hand.
   -Consult with Utsava who has proven her accuracy in many future predictions.
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TEXT: 503-583-0905
For booking an appointment, please prepay before text OR email me to set appointment: utsava@protonmail.com

Phone readings

Messages from a psychic , very pure  and prophetic divine dimension of  Higher consciousness. 

Utsava  will tell you the truth of the matter no matter if it is popular or not.

Medical Intuitive,
Relationships, Future Predictions, Money, Relocation,  Emotional issues, Your Destiny. Alien and Deep state manipulation remedies,
Psychological issues, Narcissistic Abuse. Court battles, Nutritional counseling,
Herbal therapy,
Connection with Loved Ones who have passed over.

​Empower yourself!
   Your psychological patterns, Karma, Soul contract, Family issues, Psychic attacks, Demonic influence, Abuse, Emotional pain, Illness.
Personal readings
Stop listening to fake gurus, Utsava can lead you to find out the truth; learn to heal yourself, how to meditate and resolve your pattern, your karma, resolve your soul contract and every-day problems. Find out the truth about  soul contracts, Karma, the law of Attraction and start looking within. The sessions are empowering and designed to make you stronger and independent, to help you get away from being abused or mind controlled; be it by people around you, fake gurus or by political interests.

Testimonials on my youtube channel: 

"If you do your own research you'll see this lady is the "Real Deal!"

"Thank you for these wonderful predictions. All I can say is WOW, you're incredibly accurate."

"Thank you so much for sharing your vision Utsava!!!! You are truly gifted!"

"Hey pretty lady,
 "I was hoping I'd hear from you soon!! Glad to see you back!! ... You are amazing!! Can't wait for your next Vid!!"

speaks English or German

"I wanted to thank you on my last reading, You brought so much clarification with detail on my situation that I was so confused. You helped me to Make a life changing decision that was hard for me. Thank you."
Jose ,NYC

"She helped me so much and cleared my way of thinking and gave me new information I needed .
You can feel she's the real deal!"

Michaela de la Cour /Sweden 

"Utsava has helped me so much transforming my life. She guided me to move to Dallas Texas, helped me through my divorce and court cases. In every single case she has been very accurate in her predictions and gave me tools, knowledge and spiritual insights in ways that is beyond anyone's expections."
Susi Dobson, Dallas, TX 

I donate 10% of my income to abused women and pets.
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Utsava provides Real Solutions to your deepest concerns. Certified Psychic to help you in all matters of the heart and spirit! 
Testimonials on Twitter:

"I’d think Utsava was way off the mark if I didn’t have the benefit of seeing her predictions come true time after time after time! I’m so ready to be vindicated!!! I’ve finally got my husband to admit there’s a double killery like Utsava said. Mainstream will know soon!" Charlotte B.

​"I'm amazed at how accurate you are, Utsava. Everything you have predicted since I've been following you (the past two years) has come to pass. Pretty good record!" 
'Come and Take it'-Texas

"I have been following you a while....You have been 99.9% right on all your predictions!!!...Love you Utsava!!!!!" Andrea

"My cat has been very  sick and the vet could not help her. I had asked Utsava and she immediately told me what the issue was. She informed me about  great natural remedies and three months later, the cat is doing well again. I have no doubt that my beloved cat would have passed away,without Utsava's help." Jennifer C, New York, NY.
I have been sick, diagnosed with Lyme Disease, chronic bronchitis and other issues. I did not tell Utsava anything and she described my health issues very accurately. She then told me about the cause of the health conditions and  guided me to some supplements and two months later I feel great again.  Utsava is very accurate. Trish, Salem, Oregon