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                                            -Free yourself from conditioning and mind control.
                                    -Learn about possibilities you never knew would be possible.
                             -Gain more clarity and a deeper understanding on the issues at hand.
   -Consult with Utsava who has proven her accuracy in many future predictions.
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I always had a love for animals and nature. With 12 years of age I decided to become a vegetarian because I felt sorry for the animals.  I was 12 years old when I started searching for spirituality and spent time in the Taize monestory in France, in esoteric groups, did lots of seminars with psychics before I was 20 years old. Later. I completed a training in nutrition and Herbal therapy in Germany. I have spent years in Mystery schools and  in an Ashram in India. 

I have degrees in the field of nursing, nutrition and psychology. I have spent years working in psychiatric hospitals in Europe. I became a whistleblower and informed the newspaper about scandals and abuse towards the patients. It made the headlines in one particular newspaper. I have family in Austria high up in politics and in the business world. I also was involved as a child in the WWF, met with politicians to address environmental concerns as well Prince Philip from England that was displayed on National TV. These days I am standing up  against corruption, injustices  and chemtrails; among other things. 

I also completed a training in the Healing Arts at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona, attended Walden University in a Master Degree program, train in  Metaphysical Healing, Psychic readings and Esoteric Science at the School for Esoteric Science in Sedona, Arizona among several other schools. I found lots of tools as to how to heal and overcome psychological as well as karma/metaphysical patterns. I live now in the United States. 

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Two of my dogs have malignant terminal cancer for many years and are in remission thanks to herbal treatments mainly from the Rainforest.