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"Utsava was famous for her highly accurate YouTube predictions-Spot on every time. Nobody else is close to as accurate." Vicky P.
Summary and Highlights of last predictions in 2017: 

(More to come.)

-Hillary Clinton and her allies etc. will be prosecuted when no investigations were going on. I repeatetly said I see her in handcuffs.

-I predicted the various threats or war and progress the way it happened with N. Korea and the truth about the Syrian chemical attack.

-I provided a lot of psychic information about the Texas shooting, the Colorado shooting, the Florida shooting and the Las Vegas shooting that was later confirmed. 

-I predicted the Colorado shooting and the Texas shooting.

-Multiple arrests in child trafficking cases involving high ranking business executives and politicians, merely on the democratic side.

I predicted, that the Deep state planned to poison President Trump before it happened.

-I predicted  that the Deep state wants to have President Trump shot with the gun before these threats surfaced.

-A correction in the stock and crypto currency markets with precise time lines beginning of January/end of January/beginning of February 2018 the way it has happened.

There  will be very icy weather in 2018; you would not know if it is due to the ice age, geoengineering or the pole shift.

The next big issue of terrorist threat against the USA will be car bombs by the Deep state/Antifa type group.

I predicted last year various threats against President Trump. Around summer I stated that they wanted to sedate him with poisoning his food. Then I stated that they want to have him shot in the crowed. They want to have people  shoot him. Later I warned that they wanted to inject something into him in order to give him a heart attack. 

I predicted a scandal concerning Security Advisor Mc Master and that he will be exposed. A couple of weeks later he was caught badmouthing President Trump. I predicted that Mc Master will be forced out in 2018.
"Utsava Spiritual Advicer Psychic is the best psychic on the web" John Levine
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Please check out my 2018 predictions I have posted on Vimeo that were originally published on You Tube last December 2017. Please check for current predictions on Vimeo, the Patreon, on Twitter and on Steemit. I just got back on YouTube as well.

In my 2018 predictions, published in December 2017, I predicted the dips in the financial markets in January, I predicted earthquakes on the west coast, the icy weather we have seen on the east coast, I predicted that you will see signs of earth changes/pole shift/Niburu in 2018 and strong winds we have seen on the west coast. I also have predicted that there would be a volcanic eruption on the west coast we have seen in Hawaii. 

You will see lots of arrests of executives and resignations I have predicted consistently for over a year. You will also see polititians like Obama and Hillary Clinton arrested.