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I have accurately predicted Hillary Clinton's health issues, have foreseen that she would fall down at an event and have some sort of seizures, before it happened on September 11, 2016. I also predicted that Donald Trump would be elected president in 2016. I have made many predictions and all of them have come true or have shown some sort of accuracy. Below please find the highlights of my 2017 predictions. You can view all of these and many more predictions on my youtube channel:   ttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsByhhkIVQyIy2o5NevuZPw/videos

DECEMBER 8, 2016: 

I predicted in the video that there could be likely charges filed against Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation and in other instances I have stated that she won't get away with it. I state in the video that they pursue charges against the Clinton foundation and via the Clinton other charges could be filed as well against Hillary Clinton. I also mentioned why Trump did not hire a special prosecutor is because he feels sorry for Hillary Clinton and later explain how there is bias involved. Later he indicated that to be true. This may change as explained in my future videos. 

The Donald Trump presidency will be a very successful presidency and that he will be building a wall to Mexico and pretty much hold up to all of his promises; as soon as he entered office all of this became obvious just like I had it predicted.

The outlook on the economy, the Dollar, Bitcoin and Gold are positive and I state that the dollar won't collapse.  I also stated that Bitcoin will be volatile but could go up very much. It did go up a lot and is volatile; I also predicted it could be very profitable like it has been. The dollar has been going up since January 2017. 

I also predict that Donald Trump will follow through with everything he promised for the most part; like predicted he entered office and immediately addressed the issues as has promised. He focuses on jobs and the overseas situation, he works strongly on preventing the jobs from being shipped overseas. just like predicted. He also works on repel and replace Obama care, building a wall, just everything I said came true.

 I also predicted that the establishment will continuing to smear Donald Trump and won't go away without a fight; this became obvious since this reading with the organized riots, protest and many counter-actions they took legally and with the Propaganda news media. Like predicted Trump was inaugurated and the vote count and all these actions to prevent him from entering office did not go anywhere unlike a lot of people have believed.

The future of the democratic party does not look great unless they are going to change course. They are going to lose a lot more voters in the future. As of June 2017, they lost in the latest elections like in Georgia. 

January 24, 2017:

Severe storms and strong winds on the west coast affecting Oregon, Washington and California in February/March. These strong winds did have a severe impact on these states. I also predict storms in the south east that created issues as predicted. I also predicted heavy storms in the south towards the east coast and the lower part of the east coast that was reported on April 3. 

I predict that the stock market will be very positive but it could be volatile. The Stock market has been positive and is volatile like predicted.

I also predicted that Russia, France, Japan and Italy would be some sort or 'poster child' for getting away from Globalism with us. As of February, there is news that France is having a movement similar like the USA in an attempt to get away from Globalism. There was a meeting with the Japanese Government and it went very well. I did not include England on the list of 'posterchild' and even though they had Brexit and the Prime minister visited the White house the very first week of Trump taking office, the establishment is holding on and does not want to honor Brexit, and even wants to re-do the referendum. There are clear hurdles with England, unlike the countries I have mentioned who will follow the movement. I also mentioned countries in the comment section involving Germany, Sweden, Holland, Malaysia, Columbia and Iran and my predictions appear to be accurate. So far the stock market is positive as predicted and went up 10%. It could get volatile but will stay positive I believe. As of end of February it is very obvious that governments all over the world are looking at Donald Trump and are considering joining the movement. The USA is about to be the leader in this positive movement away from Globalism towards Freedom just like I have predicted. 

I predict repeatedly in all of my videos how it won't be easy but it will go overall very well and see it very positive for Trump. I also see him overcome at least some or all of the recent political attacks. I see it going positive for Trump the next months. 

I predict that he will reduce government and make it more efficient. In a speech to congress on February 28, he explained exactly that. For each new rule he will eliminate two, he said. Also when he entered office he put a hiring freeze on all federal workers and has stated that he plans to get rid of unnecessary and bureaucratic regulations that have hurt the American citizens. 

​I explain how the Pizza Gate ring is connected to an international child trade ring all the way to the Vatican and ring members operate mafia style. On March 9, Main stream news media implicates the Catholic church in sex scandals that implicates the pope that does not prove the Pizza Gate connection but makes this reading credible. 


On February 22, FOX news, for the first time, reports that 'they have discovered seven planets where there could be lives.' I have predicted, in this video, 'that the truth about aliens will be revealed.' It is very unusual and new that a main stream news channel reports that basically that there could be lives on other planets, of course they have known this for a long time, only now the administration allows for the truth to be revealed. This is just the start. 


On February 22, Nasa, for the first time, admitted that there 'could be life' on three of the seven planets. In other words, they say there could be aliens, just like I have stated, that the truth about aliens is going to be revealed! Nasa held a large press conference type event about it! 

I predict more attacks in Germany and that the sentiment will be very negative in terms of the refuge crisis. I also predict that the future is very negative for Germany and the Euro. I predict that they will have some sort of 'mini new World order' and that they will be successful in deceiving the public. On February 25, a driver drove into a crowd that killed one person and injured two. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2954895/heidelberg-germany-car-attack-shooting-city-centre-square/. I predict more attacks in Germany and that the sentiment will be very negative. I also warn that these are likely to be false flag events.   On March 9, another terrorist attack: Suspect Arrested in Ax Attack at Duesseldorf, Germany, Train Station That Injured Five. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/two-arrested-ax-attack-duesseldorf-germany-train-station-injured-five-n731461

I state that previous administrations have held back cures for terminal and chronic diseases that will be released with this new administration. On 2/28 in President Donald Trump's Speech to Joint Session Of Congress he mentioned exactly this fact that they will do that and cures will be released. 

I predict how the power will be given back to the states; on February 27, it has been reported 'word by word' exactly that; the power will be given back to the states! 


I predict that Queen Elisabeth from England will be giving the throne to Prince William as early as of end of 2017. Most people have believed that Prince Charles will be getting the throne. If he won't be getting the throne by end of this year, then he will be taking over more and more of the royal duties. 

China can't dictate the terms anymore as they are used to. They are used to dictate. Recent events confirm exactly that as they are not allowed to dictate the terms anymore with other countries as they are used to. A lot of countries have bee treated like step children at the world stage and this will stop and they are treated much more fairly, like for instance Taiwan.

There will be threats of war but WW3 has been prevented. Recent events have shown threats of war. I predict that there could be threats of war in April or Spring as well as September but it should get better by end of the year. There were threats of war in Spring and in April in regards to N. Korea and Syria.

I predict more demonstrates esp. in April. There are planned several large anti Trump demonstrations for April. 

February 13, 2017:

The FBI and other agencies will be prosecuting more people in the the area of child trafficking, child trade, child sex rings and pedophilia and not just lower level rings, but upper levels will be prosecuted more and more as well as internationally.  I see some children being freed this year and more to come next year and the years to come involving upper level rings. I predict also other crimes are being prosecuted and the gloves are off. 

On 3/16 it was reported that Oklahoma state senator was charged in a child prostitution case .


 I specifically stated that there are connections to eastern Europe and International child trade rings. On February 15, the FBI rated an adoption agency in Ohio. Among the allegations by the state department, the EAC "…failed to adequately supervise…preventing the sale, abduction, exploitation, or trafficking of children." it appears that there is a connection to child trafficking and eastern Europe. On Feb. 14 the Polk County sheriff announced that 42 were arrested in Florida in child pornography related cases. 


It is a big issue with the child trade/international pedophile ring issue in Eastern Europe involving Bulgaria, Rumania and Czechoslovakia.

On February 23, Donald Trump held a press conference announcing the following: President Donald Trump says he will bring the "full force and weight" of the U.S. government to combat an "epidemic" of human trafficking. The president is meeting at the White House with senior advisers and representatives of organizations that deal with trafficking. His daughter, Ivanka Trump, is among those in attendance. Trump calls human trafficking a problem that is "not talked about enough." He says he will order the departments of Justice and Homeland Security to take a hard look at the resources they are devoting to addressing the issue.http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/trump-vows-fight-epidemic-human-trafficking-45692628 He says he will order the departments of Justice and Homeland Security to take a hard look at the resources they are devoting to addressing the issue. This confirms my prediction.

​On 3/16 a Macon man was arrested in a sex trafficking ring and four women were freed.


On 3/17 Henrico County VA; a head of a sex trafficking ring who victimized teenagers and young women, was arrested.

On 5/8 it was published that a large pedophile ring is busted 184 people were arrested and 230 children are freed. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/42108748/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/t/massive-online-pedophile-ring-busted-cops/#.WRDcMYWcHIU
As of 6/13 Pedogate arrests are piling up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW6qNPeFkK0

I also talk about how regarding Pizza Gate people like Anthony Weiner become informants behind the scenes. The FBI has rescheduled a court hearing on March 7, because they want to see if Anthony Weiner could become an informant in exchange of reduced or no charges against the Clintons like I have predicted. I talk in this and other videos how Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton become informants among others. ​

China becomes a bit an opposition at first but things should get better over time. China threatened in March and has bee difficult so far. However beginning of April things appear to settle and relations got clearly better thanks to Donald Trump's diplomacy skills. China stands now with the USA against N. Korea.

Mexico is not used to a president who holds up to his promises. The Mexican president will come to the negotiation table again. Thanks to the new Trump's actions, policies and trade deals, Mexico will eventually doing better in many ways and it will greatly, on the long run, improve the lives of citizens in Mexico. Agriculture especially will be thriving much more than before. 

N. Korea and Iran present a threat while N. Korea is  larger threat. I expect more missile strikes and tests by N. Korea until September but it should get better by end of the year. North Korea fired four banned ballistic missiles into Japanese waters on March 6, an act that officials in Seoul and Tokyo said represented a grave threat to their countries' security. 


On 3/18 another missile engine strike by N. Korea was reported: 

N.Korea additionally threatened with additional attacks like predicted.

On April 4, another missile strike was reported by N. Korea like predicted.


Later N. Korea threatened the USA with nuclear war and a nuclear strike. There was a threat of war in April like I had predicted.

I predicted a larger threat by N.Korea in summer and threats of war in spring and summer just like it happened !

I state in this and the following videos that the Pizzagate child sex trafficking type of ring is directly connected to the Vatican. Main stream news media reports on March 9, about Sex orgies, prostitution, porn. This does not prove a connection with pizza gate but implicates the Catholic church in a sex scandal that makes my reading credible. Allegations shake Catholic Church in Italy involving the pope according to USA today: 


February 20, 2017:

02/22: it was reported: Hillary Clinton will return to Scranton next month as the keynote speaker for the Society of Irish Women. The group made the announcement Wednesday at the Hilton Scranton Hotel and Conference Center. The dinner is set for Friday, March 17, at the Hilton in Scranton. I mentioned that Hillary Clinton plans to go to speeches and public events, she has been quiet the past few months. I also state that she tried to become a celebrity and be on TV shows. 

Bill Clinton has Alzheimer Disease or similar, has black outs, falls down a lot and has issues with his teeth. He is not doing well mentally, physically and spiritually. The focus of the investigations and charges are not on as much on him but on Hillary. He will be more the informant behind the scenes. A lot of people will be informants and plea deals are being made. 

I predicted again that under the Trump administration law enforcement will crack down on human and child trafficking and these cases won't be blocked anymore like they have been under Obama. On February 23, Donald Trump held a press conference stating confirming this. The previous administrations have protected high ranking politicians from prosecution; we will see more of this among business people and other high ranking people involved in these crime being prosecuted. 

I describe in detail how high ranking politicians like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Obama, Nancy Pelosi and John Mc Caine are involved with Pedophilia and/or the child sex trafficking directly or indirectly. 


There were several arrests regarding pedogate (Pizzagate ring internationally) like I have predicted. ICE a governmental agency is announcing an arrest that involves a pedogate ring and the tracking down on these types of crimes. https://www.ice.gov/

The Vatican and the monarchies in England, Belgium and the Netherlands are involved in satanic rituals, pedophilia and the international child trade rings. 

On 6/29 it was reported that the pope aid is charged with child rape. http://www.startribune.com/vatican-cardinal-denounces-sex-assault-charges-against-him/431470403/

The Clinton foundation has been involved in money laundering, fraud, extortion, and bribery. There are deals with the state department that got out of hand and lots of money disappeared and is unaccounted for. Highlights of the investigation is the Prince of Saudi Arabia, other Arabian countries, China is involved with black markets regarding currency and child trade and Clinton's involvement in child trade rings she makes money on. All charges are on the table but there is a balancing act involved politically for Donald Trump; the Clinton foundation is the highlight of the charges that are going to be pursued. 

On  June 5 it was reported for the first time that the senate will investigate Clinton foundation.

March 16, 2017:

Julian Assange from Wikileaks has published new material about what is called the V7. The evidence shows that the cia has microphones installed in Tv's
and computers and violate your privacy. The hack reportedly turns selected Samsung TV models into spy “bugs” which record audio and possibly video footage. Also the cia has created all sorts of loopholes for equipment to be hacked. This presents a security issue for the people and as 
we know identity fraud is a huge problem they basically opened the doors to as they intentionally created these loopholes for all sorts of hackers. 
the cia has the capacity to compromise our anti virus software, the samsung smart tvs and smart phones. 

People in charge at the cia are very embarrassed that they are being exposed. President Trump does not know what to do with this at this point. In the future they will take measurements to stop doing these things that represent a security risk for the people. They are quit embarrassed for being caught at this point and will take action at some point in order to prevent these loopholes to some extend.

Mike Pence stated that they will fully enforce the law against Julian Assange regarding the cia leaks. But this is more a show him and Donald Trump want the cia to know that they are fully behind them in their support. Donald Trump knows things will have to change. I also see Donald Trump rather negotiate with Julian Assange in the future and I do see for Julian Assange his situation improve in the future as I have stated previously. 

Julian Assange has stated the other day that Hillary Clinton secretly is planning a Pence takeover. What I see psychically this to be true but Obama is involved in this plot as well. How are they want this to happen? Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, and the shadow government involving Soros are plotting. They are right now thinking of poisoning restaurant food he might get, fruit he may eat sitting around in the white house, poisoning food in his refrigerator and have an external cook help poisoning his food. Donald Trump please watch out for this threat and take precautions. Tomorrow it might be something else they are plotting like an accident today it is to poison him.

Hillary Clinton is already working on writing a script to dictate to Pence what he needs to do when he is president.  She is fantasizing about a step by step plan, a script what Pence will have to do and if he won't obey he will be next to be taken out. She wants to dictate exactly what policies he will have to do, and if he won't comply he will be threatened to be taken out as well and poisoned. 

Again Hillary Clinton and Obama are exposed and will be exposed further in their wicket scheme. 

They want more power and control, they are obsessed, both of them, and they wont' be stopping with their plots and get more and more desperate.

Obama was picked out of Kenya and groomed to be president. I was important to pick someone who is not born in the United Sates in order to have no sense of nationalism but Globalism.

Him and Michelle were spotted on numerous occasions to poke fun of nationalism, the American flag or when people sing the anthem. It was also important to select someone who is compromised in different ways. There have been numerous witnesses who testified that Obama was gay who were silenced by being killed or threatened. Others have noted that Michele Obama might be a transgender and they were silenced as well.Obama's college records is sealed among many others. It is obvious that Obama has things to hide.

Obama was caught in several actions to take Donald Trump down and get him out of the White house. He was involved in paid demonstrators among Soros and was caught plotting for impeachment. Obama also has in an underground bunker not too far away from the Whitehouse stored weapons to be used for his secret armee to take out Donald Trump. 

Obama was also involved in illegal surveillance of Donald Trump shortly before the election, he was being exposed for being in a bunker near the Whitehouse and wanting overthrown Trump and he issued shortly before he left the white house an executive order so that 16 more agencies would
be able to listen in on the president phone conversations. As a result of this a leak happened that was designed to incriminate Donald Trump.

The reason why he is fighting Trump and wants him out of the Whitehouse is because he was promised a position very high up in World government, the
New World Order and because Trump is an agent against the New World Order, Obama is working on to take him down. He is fighting for his position in the World Government. In the New World Order World government 90% of the people would be slaves. Now that it is not happening he wants to overthrown Trump. He is fighting for his position. 

He was also promised total protection from any criminal prosecution no matter what wrongdoing; these are two very important points no one has ever brought forth I know of and that is very significant. Obama was promised Total protection from prosecution and he was promised a very high position in the world government. 

He is right now working on hiring more demonstrators and protestors. They are planning terrorist types of events with explosives and violent types of events, false flag events are planned in New York city, Colorado springs, New Orleans, Chicago and Baltimore Maryland. 

These events would then serve somewhat as false flag events in order to sabotage Trump.They are planning on more demonstrations and create civil unrest all designed to blame Donald Trump.

UPDATE: These types of plots have been exposed Obama is backtracking

The leaks:

Obama has issued an executive order that allows sharing to 16 different agencies top secret information.Some top secret information that has been illegally leaked to the Washington post who is tight with the Podestas, the Clintons and other members of the DNC.

These people who leaked the information will be caught and brought to justice. They did it for money. They were being paid off. They thought they would be not caught because there were many people who could have done it.But they will be caught and brought to justice.

Wiretapping Trump:

Donald Trump tweeted recently that Obama was involved in illegally wiretapping him shortly before the election 
that interferes in the democratic election process.

Obama is going to be more and more exposed he will lie and be more and more caught lying. People will see him more and more as a liar. He already lied about sharing responsibility with the wiretapping but the story is very true that he was involved in wiretapping Donald Trump in the Trump tower. 

He could be ending up being charged with felonies but not right now. Right now he is protected but Bribery will be the nail in the coffin they will get him on.

APRIL 14, 2017


UPDATES: I predict that tensions will likely be easing soon and it appears that N. Korea will be launching something but not as large as they have threatened with. On 4/16 it was published that N. Korea tried to launch a missile but did not launch the nuclear test or attack  as they have threatened with. 


N. Korea did not launch on Saturday anything as they wanted to see how far they can push the envelope but launched some sort of missile strike that then failed, they launched something in order not to lose face then on Sunday. As I predicted it appears that they will be launching something small. The tensions have been easing off yet we are on the verge of war. Keep praying!!!We can change the potential threat and outcome and a disaster to be avoided. Like I have stated in the video, we cannot predict someone's choices because people have free will. The dictator of N. Korea will push the envelope as far as he can in order not to face retaliation he knows he will lose. Keep up the good work with your prayers and positive thoughts for world peace!!! 

I predict that Assad will stay in office for at least another two years and it does not look like he is leaving or they can have him gone. He won a new term as of 4/17 with 87% of the people voting for him. 

https://www.rt.com/news/163696-assad-win-president-syria/#.WPC1jh64yiY.facebook .

 I did not hear about the gun issue with Mexico in the news but received psychic information that 0bama is involved in illegal weapon deals. On 4/30 it made the news that they investigate further the illegal gun supply to Mexican drug cartels by Obama who could be in trouble for this just like I had predicted. 

As predicted Obama is facing the heat as of June 2017.​


I predict that very soon it will be in the news that they come out with a new plan for a new health care plan that replaces Obamacare. On 4/20 the republicans came forward with a new health care plan. I predict that the new actions will show result and the new plan will be a success. The democrats will try to sabotage this new plan but I do see success for the new plan.


I predict that Ivanka Trump will be making the news soon with programs for women and children that happened on April 29. Also on July 8 a new program made the news for women. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBHt66eMZiw

I predict another missile test by N.Korea in a couple of months that happened on July 4.​

MAY 4, 2017:​ French election, war, Julian Assange, censorship 


Macron will win the French presidential election.​ There will be more missile strikes by N. Korea.

Don't forget it was the Clintons they gave N. Korea nuclear power, what do you expect when nuclear weapons are in the hands of some evil dictator the threat is not just going away so easily. We must all unite and not let the establishment polarizing and divide, this will only escalate, create more friction and conflict worldwide you weaken the presidency you weaken our possibility to create peace and better things on the planet.

Learn about censorship and the attack on freedom of speech, how to fight back against the schemes by the shadow government.

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MAY 20, 2017 The future of Europe,France,president Trump and more


What a federal procecutor has told me about Soros and Hillary Clinton-Learn about our future , the firing of Comey, future arrests, more about the criminal charges against Obama and Hillary Clinton, what the future holds politically and worldwide from a psychic perspective; are Obama and the Clintons going to be procecuted? Get the truth from a very high psychic dimension.

Pray for President Trump,for youself, and our world that the demonic forces be exposed and defeated. 

Protect yourself from environmental toxins and chemtrails. Take Chlorella, internal Clay and drink detox teas daily. I have more remedies on my website that can assist to combat the poison the shadow government want you to be exposed to. Fight back and get healthy! 




JUNE 2, 2017:



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JUNE 4, 2017:


JU​NE 26,2017 Loretta Lynch in trouble-Will Mueller be fired? N.Korea, Scalise attack, democratic party.

Once again receive precise psychic updates you likely won't get elsewhere-concerning politics and our future. Utsava is a psychic medium, known for her highly accurate psychic predictions and prophecies.​

Get the latest from a psychic perspective by Utsava-who has proven her accuracy in many world predictions, readings and prophecies, she explains in detail what is going on and what we can expect regarding the latest events in the world. What is going on? No other psychic has been that accurate and able to explain in great details these types of political events.


On 6/28 it was reported that emails may have surfaced between Loretta Lynch and Wasserman Schultz that is evidence of obstructing justice, as predicted Lynch is in a lot of trouble and charges against her will be pursued for obstruction of justice. 

On 7/28 it was reported Republicans call for investigating into Clinton, Loretta Lynch and DNC. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/07/28/republicans-call-for-second-special-counsel-to-probe-clinton-lynch-and-more.html

On 6/29 the Hagman report talks about the link between Podesta and the Scalia attack like I mentioned.

On 7/2 news surfaced that President Trump is concerned about the N.Korea nuclear threat and the military prepares drills just like predicted. On 7/4 main stream news reports a nuclear missile strike threat surfaces and they launched a ballistic missile test. In my video dated April 14 I predicted another missile test in a couple of months.

I talk about how Ivanka Trump is strong on women's issues. On 7/8 news surfaced regarding a $325 million dollar fund to help women with business building.


On 7/8 it was reported that Trump discussed trade deal with China I predicted as well as disputes.

On 7/26 it was reported that Scalise was released from the hospital; he survived the attack like predicted. 

On 7/28 it was reported two dozens of republicans call for investigations/probe into Clinton, Lynch and the DNC.


Robert Mueller must resign as special counsel overseeing the Russian investigation, says top Republican congressman on 8/1. I predicted that Mueller's Russian hoax investigation will come to an end. 

On 8/25 news surfaced that Mueller won't be able to expand the Russian probe like I predicted; his scheme doesn't work. I also predicted Rosenenstein would start to limit the investigation like it was reported. 


On 8/2 more congress men call for an investigation against Hillary, Obama and Loretta Lynch. 


July 17, 2017
Will Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and Obama face criminal charges ?


Hillary Clinton is going to be arrested before June 2018!

Psychic Medium Utsava, worldwide known for her accurate psychic predictions, received more information what the future holds for Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Soros and the Vatican.
Once again receive precise psychic updates you likely won't get elsewhere-concerning politics and our future. Utsava is a psychic medium, known for her highly accurate psychic predictions and prophecies.

Get the latest from a psychic perspective by Utsava-who has proven her accuracy in many world predictions, readings and prophecies, she explains in detail what is going on and what we can expect regarding the latest events in the world. What is going on? No other psychic has been that accurate and able to explain in great details these types of political events.


On 7/26 it was reported that Wasserman - Schulz's IT guy, who was hired to get rid of the Clinton's emails, was arrested and the FBI is investigating; a sign that the case against Hillary Clinton is moving forward. Wasserman 's computer was seized as well.

On 7/28 it was reported two dozens of republicans call for investigations/probe into Clinton, Lynch and the DNC.

On 8/2 more congress men call for an investigation against Hillary, Obama and Loretta Lynch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JHfcqb9aZs

July 30, 2017

Utsava's predictions about Sessions,the arrested Clinton IT guy's ties to Seth Rich,Scaramucci.

True prophecies on President Donald Trump. Psychic Medium Utsava, worldwide known for her accurate psychic predictions, received more information what the future holds for the arrested Clinton/Wasserman-Schulz IT guy Imran Awan, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and new communications director Scaramucci. Once again receive precise psychic updates you likely won't get elsewhere-concerning politics and our future. Utsava is a psychic medium, known for her highly accurate psychic predictions and prophecies.

UPDATES: On 8/2 it was reported: New White House chief of staff John Kelly assured Attorney General Jeff Sessions that his job was safe in a weekend phone call, Trump administration officials said. Trump made it also clear he keeps his options open as he wants to see a better performance similar like I predicted. 


News has surfaced that more people are fired or going to be like predicted.​