Proven Predictions

"U are the best. God bless u for giving us good news and your 100% true predictions. For the past 4 to 5years. That's how long I've been following you, all the way from the UK"

- Davinder, UK

Amazing Accuracy

"I'm amazed at how accurate you are, Utsava. Everything you have predicted since I've been following you (the past two years) has come to pass. Pretty good record!"

- 'Come and Take it'-Texas, Twitter

Life Transformation

"Utsava has helped me so much transforming my life. She guided me to move to Dallas Texas, helped me through my divorce and court cases. In every single case she has been very accurate in her predictions and gave me tools, knowledge and spiritual insights in ways that is beyond anyone's expections."

- Susi Dobson, Dallas, TX

Relationship Issues Resolved

"I have been dealing with a relationship issue for the past seven months. I have been in emotional pain every day. The pain and grief were tearing me apart. I couldn't let go of this problem, as hard as I tried. What hit me right away is how down-to-earth, open and honest you were. The accuracy in describing my relationship problems are amazing. After understanding what's going on between us, I am finally at peace and can move on with my life. It is like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders tonight. I am truly thankful for what you have given me. I will be referring you to others, thanks again!"

- Ben, Albany, OR

Accurate Health Guidance

"I have been sick, diagnosed with Lyme Disease, chronic bronchitis and other issues. I did not tell Utsava anything and she described my health issues very accurately. She then told me about the cause of the health conditions and guided me to some supplements and two months later I feel great again. Utsava is very accurate."

- Trish, Salem, Oregon

Right On The Mark

"I’d think Utsava was way off the mark if I didn’t have the benefit of seeing her predictions come true time after time after time! I’m so ready to be vindicated!!! I’ve finally got my husband to admit there’s a double killery like Utsava said. Mainstream will know soon!"

- Charlotte B., Twitter

Messages from Departed Loved Ones

"Thank you for the incredibly helpful reading yesterday. It was so comforting to hear the messages from my dad. I was really surprised that you could communicate with both of my parents and described their personalities accurately. I feel more peace and finally some relief knowing they are still around and know what is going on in my life. A big piece of grief that I have carried for years after losing my parents early in life has lifted from me and I can not thank you enough. You truly have a gift and I am grateful that I came across your YouTube channel so that I could be led to your website. Thank you!!!"

- Betsy, Illinois


"I wanted to thank you on my last reading, You brought so much clarification with detail on my situation that I was so confused. You helped me to Make a life changing decision that was hard for me. Thank you.”

- Jose, NYC